Expand Your Store’s Outdoor Displace Space By Adding Tents

Did you know that 46.6 Billion dollars is spent annually on goods? 2.5 Billion of that is spent in food courts alone. Creating an additional shopping area in front of your store may be a simple and effect thanks to add colorful, fresh, and vibrant energy. It’s also an ideal opportunity to cross-sell with other products like grills, patio furniture, and lawn care essentials.

New Look for your Store

If you want to inspire and motivate your customers, you’ll be ready to transform an otherwise mundane shopping trip into an unprecedented experience. Employing outdoor display area is a plus for your customers will really appreciate that you prepared something new and cozy for them.

Expand Your Outdoor Merchandising Strategy

While lawn and garden products could also be a natural fit outdoor merchandising, the porch is additionally an excellent place to spotlight bulk merchandise, seasonal items, or temporary pop-up sales. Customers having a shade from the sun, can bring huge sales. Also, you can even sell more items with the expansion that you are going to use like event tents.

If a store sees a rising demand for expanding their product assortment to such an extent that they’re slowly running out of merchandising space inside their stores, it’s become more prevalent for them to think about using sidewalks and islands round the pumps for extra selling space. This fact is often true for many retailers who are looking to expand their product offering but don’t have the space inside their stores.

Bigger Sales Floor

Bulk merchandise, like cases of water and soda, coolant, sidewalk sale, and windshield fluid take up tons of space. Creating an outside sales floor may be a good way to bulk stack these larger items, freeing up space in-store for brand spanking new product mixes.

New Revenue Stream with Minimal Investment

Retailers can cash in of seasonal products like fire wood, mulch, or deicing salt that they might typically not carry thanks to limited space. this is often an excellent thanks to offer additional convenience and to market add-on-sales.

Create Visual Excitement

Make shopping fun, easy, and convenient with organized and well defined displays. By utilizing a multi-level merchandising approach versus traditional pallet bulk stacks, it’ll create a visually stimulating selling space.

Regardless of what type of retailer you are, there are many ways to utilize the unused space that you simply are already paying for.